Day 5 – Down Under!

More Diving!!!

Although a fairly draining activity, the ocean opens up a whole new realm that the MNHP team we eager to explore!! So the prospect of another whole day in the sea had us all pumped and ready to go!

Again, like the other day (day 3- check that out if you haven’t already), we were split into the same two groups and headed in our seperate ways to the local marina.

The snorkellers met for 8am start at the local docks whilst divers met at 7.45am at Scuba Iguana, the company the diving is done through. After a 30 minute taxi ride to where we first go our ferry followed by a 10 minute boat journey, divers arrived at Mosquera for their first dive of the day.










Mosquera dive site is located between Baltra Island and North Seymour. It is most popular for its Sally Light foot crabs and rich marine life. This dive was slightly more challenging that the first two, the currents picked up and towards the end we struggled. We managed to get down to 18 metres and we had a vis of about 13 metres, however we weren’t down for very long. In the short time we were down there we saw electric blue Nudibranchs and even saw our first Galapagos Shark!! Which was breathtaking.

Copyright: Frances Eyre

For the second dive we headed to North Seymour. This dive was a bit easier as the currents weren’t as strong, we saw more sharks (a lot!! 5/6), sting rays, and many different varieties of fish including puffer fish. Overall it was an incredible dive to end on and by far the best dive of the expedition, we achieved a depth of 18 – 19 metres this time with slightly more limited visibility of about 10 metres.

Copyright: Frances Eyre

After our dive we were all drained!! On board we were treated to Ceviche, Rice and plantain chips, white Oreos and melon along with a selection of drinks to have in between the dives. It was diffidently needed!!

Copyright: Frances Eyre

All the divers got back at around 2pm which allowed us to rest up and take the evening off to explore.

The snorkellers had headed towards Santa Fe that morning and they got to snorkel with numerous sea lions, a turtle, a stingray and hundreds of fish!

The majority of the group have had a early night as tomorrow we head off to Isabella. But myself and a brave few decided to venture out and have a go at a Salsa dancing evening with some locals along with some souvenir shopping.

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