Day 4 – Filming and Workshops

Day 4

Back again!!

So today we headed off to Los Gemelos, Scalesia Forest, at around 8am with CDF Senior Researcher Heinke Jäger. As previously mentioned, as part of our agreement with the CDF we agreed to make two films for them. Today was the start of our filming responsibilities, interviewing Heinke was just one part of the process the second part was to film and document a team of labours removing invasive plant species and treating areas of infected land.














Copyright: Abigail Hobbs                                                                        Copyright: Frances Eyre

This activity was incredible as we learn so much about their job roles and what it is they are trying to rid the island of. However, it wasn’t without its complications, a few minor translation issues and the brutal midday heat made the working conditions slightly challenging.








Copyright: Frances Eyre

We left the forest at 12pm and headed back for lunch and much needed cool down and rest after spending the entire morning in the sun. (33c)

We didn’t rest for long before heading out at 3pm. To saying thank you to the CDF for letting us stay with them we agreed to run a couple of photography workshops.

Copyright: Abigail Hobbs 

Overall the the workshops were a real success!! We had loads of enthusiastic people turning up and we were there for them the entire afternoon, answering questions and letting them experiment with our kit, they even left with certificates to say that they’d been and taken part in a photography workshop with Falmouth University!

Copyright: Jack Mifflin

After a manic day we all had a pretty chilling evening as we had to prepare ourselves for yet another day under the sea tomorrow!!


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