Day 3 – Scuba and Snorkel

Day 3 – Under the sea

This was the day where the group split into 2 and either went scuba diving or snorkelling.

Bright and early – 8:15am we walked to Scuba Iguna to collect all of our kit which we had previously sized. We then headed out to the pier and filled up our boat with all of our dive kit and Nauticam Cameras.Our destination was Floreana island a popular dive site with weak currents. The sites we chose were  Punta Cormorant and Islote Champion. Snorkellers headed to Playa Escondida.

However, all was going smoothly until 20 minutes out to sea the engine took on a lot of water with started to cause some issues, when they eventually got the engine running they decided to turn back and change boat. Luckily the whole process went fairly smoothly and is wasn’t long before we were back on the boat heading to Floreana. Our dive was about 15 metres deep with a visibility of about 7-12 metres. The marine life was out of this world!! We saw reef fish, yellow tailed snappers, turtles, sting rays and a stunning Black tip reef shark.

The second dive at Islote Champion was even better, the currents had let up slightly and we dived to 24 metres with much better visibility. We saw and played with Sea lions and I had a turtle, that came out of nowhere, swim right in front of my face and clip my mask!!

Copyright: Frances Eyre

Snorkellers had a pretty chilled day in comparison. After a short boat ride, they turned up at Playa Escondida and were blown away by the views!  Both excursions were paradise.

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