Day 2 – Las Grietas & Rancho Primicias (Giant Tortoise Ranch)

Day two!!

Feeling regenerated after a good nights sleep, myself, Clare and Shannon sat eating breakfast as the sun rose. (Such a hard life)

We then put on our bikinis and packed up ready for our next adventure. We met up with everyone else and got briefed in the days activities. We the trekked into town where we waited at the docks for our water taxi to take us to Las Grietas.

Copyright: Frances Eyre

Las Grietas directly translated,  means ‘crevasse/crack’. This  is a place to swim and rock climb in between two crevasses. To get there we walked through a forest of huge cacti and tropical plants, surrounded by plenty of life including pelicans, lizards and numerous species of birds. After 30 minutes we arrived at the crevasse, grabbed our Gopros and jumped in!










Copyright: Shannon D’Arcy


After we climbed, swam and explore the crevasse, it was time for us to head back and continue with our adventures. We travelled back to our accommodation just before the mid-day heat hit, to enjoy our lunch and dry off. We then prepared ourself for the second activity of the day.

Rancho Primicias!









The Giant Tortoise Ranch, is an area used for research and conservation. Our guides Franklin and Anne  works for the Galapagos Conservation Trust and work as part of the outreach team, who bring in members of the community to learn about vital species such as the giant Tortoise.

As well as seeing these magnificent species up close and personal, we learnt about tracking methods and vital activities these species conduct, such as seed dispersal which is vital for the forests regeneration.

This activity was also where our film teams project began, myself and Shannon D’Arcy were in charge as film directors and with the dedication of Jack Mifflin and a few others our mission was to produce a film for the CDF and Galapagos Verde.








Copyright: Dr Jo Henley

Copyright: Frances Eyre

Mid-way through our jungle exploration, conditions deteriorated and we were not match for the mud and swampy conditions which the tortoises thrived.  After a few lost boots and near mud baths we returned back to the station where we continued to learn about the conservation trusts work.










Copyright: Frances Eyre

We eventually return to the CDF, drenched and drained and ready for food, and after a few battles with the local insects we finally settled down ready for Day 3.

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