Day 1 – Puerto Ayora & Tortuga Bay

After 3 planes, a bus, a ferry and another bus, last night we arrived safely in Santa Cruz, Galápagos. Our accommodation for the next two weeks being the Charles Darwin Foundation (CDF).

We ventured out into Puerto Ayora not long after arriving. this was so we could obtain some necessities at the local supermarket, followed by a trip to the local street market for some street food before returning to our rooms and getting some much needed sleep. (As well as fighting the odd cockroach!)

Our first full day consisted of revisting Puerto Ayora and trekking to the fruit and veg market on the other side of town. However, along the way we may have got slightly distracted with coconut ice-cream and funny looking vehicles.


Copyright: Frances Eyre

Along the way we also stopped at this stunning Mangrove lagoon that was hidden away on our way to the market.

Copyright: Frances Eyre

After coming back to the CDF and having an hour or so to ‘relax’ we headed off to Tortuga Bay. Majority of us travelled in a taxi to avoid the brutal mid-day heat. A few of the team decided to walk, so we eventually re-grouped at the start of the walk, we then trekked 2.5km to get to the beach in 32c heat. The walk seemed to go one forever, but eventually the tedious path broke and opened up to revel Tortuga Bay. A stunning stretch of white sand beach. We continued our walk, as that particular stretch of beach was protected and was a no swim zone.

After another 20 minutes we reached the mangrove pools were we all ran straight for the water!!

Copyright: Frances Eyre

After soaking up the sea and sun (Some of us soaking up a little too much sun) we started the walk back, some of the group took a boat back, but the view of the walk wad just too good to miss. We all regrouped and rehydrated with many different flavours of Gatorade (energy drink) and then trekked back to the CDF.

Copyright: Shannon D’Arcy

All of us tired and ready for an early night but excited for what the next day would bring!!


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